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ALWATANIA is one of the most important and biggest importers and clients for NSM Co.

Using its own motors, NSM company had been engaged in the manufacture of Condenser & Radiator fan. We found out that some companies are importing cars from China and re-manufacture the radiator fan., but at NSM company we have all the parts manufactured in the factory in Korea. Since 20 years the company sells the best quality products in the Korean market.

NSM company is manufacturing the auto cooling system for cars such as the radiator, compressor and cooling oil. NSM company sells ‘Three-Star Radiator’ and we are considered as an authorized distributor for ‘Halla(HCC)’, which is considered one of the best qualities radiators, which are sold for cars, such as Hyundai, Kia. So we hope that we procurement you at more competitive prices.

Sample images for products have been imported from NSM Co. by ALWATANIA Co.


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