El-Watania for Auto Parts & Importing Co. is one of the well-known cars spare parts traders’

between at Salah El-Din Street" Alexandria (the main cars spare parts point of sale in Alexandria).

The company main core of business is in trading of cars spare parts.

The company is being mainly headed by its owner Mr. Mohamed Abou-Shanab being backed by a group of spares parts specialists.

Worthy to note that Mr. Mohamed is involved in this business since 1994.

A Sole proprietorship Co. established on October 2010,

Company activity is mainly involved in the trading of Cars spare parts whether locally purchased or imported.

It trades in the spare parts for most of the common cars in the Egyptian Automotive

Market (i.e. Japanese Korean & German etc.) of which it performs its sales directly to the end-user (retail) or to another spare parts traders (wholesale).

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